About Dr Jane Lovell

This is a new Blog about aspects of places and authenticity and a taster of the forthcoming book which I am writing with Dr Chris Bull (Routledge, forthcoming 2017).

I teach, research and write about authenticity, creative destinations, space and place, film locations, heritage sites, urban gentrification, light shows, creative spaces. I’m working on some fiction.

My PhD explored staged authenticity, experiences and heritage in the built environment. I, and some others, feel that one of the paradoxes of modern mobility is that, to paraphrase The Talking Heads, places are always in motion. We never really reach the place we seek; its aura is always moving further away and somehow, even when we are there, the “real” place is distant (although we do our very best to peer backstage and consume it, in my case with souvenirs and, if you are a hardcore backpacker, possibly eating sheep’s eyes).

My opinions are my own.

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